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Elle -- 12 issues For today's woman Elle brings you fashion, beauty, and accessories for all aspects of living in style. Only $1.17 per issue. That is 67% off. Purchase

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Glamour -- 12 issues Glamour gives you the best hair and beauty tips, fashion do's and don't, answers to your relationship questions, with monthly horoscopes and important health and diet news. Only $1.33 per issue. That is 62% off. Purchase

Modern Bride -- 6 issues This magazine is a must for the bride-to-be. The bridal magazine that gives you fashion advice and options, and answers all your planning questions. Offering information and guidance for wedding preparations, the latest ideas in fashion, honeymoon travel, as well as tips on married lifestyles. Only $1.66 per issue. That is 72% off. Purchase
Redbook -- 12 issues The magazine for young women. Only $0.67 per issue. That is 73% off. Purchase
Rosie -- 12 issues Rosie will cover her personal passions-family, motherhood and women's causes, as well as beauty, fashion, food and health. It will bring new impact and definition to service with a fresh, tell-it-like-it-is sensibility, and lavish use of Rosie's famous friends. Only $1.50 per issue. That is 57% off. Purchase  
Women's Magazines